Morlang is a psychological drama with a thriller twist, inspired by the "van Bemmelen" affair, in which a man murders his wife and then goes free. The movie follows Julius Morlang, a likeable successful art photographer, who has been visibly hurt, but not broken by the recent death of his wife, Ellen. Soon after his wife's death Morlang remarries, and in his pretty new wife, Ann, he rediscovers his muse.

However, soon after, the image that we know from the funeral of the respectable, mourning widower slowly begins to crack. The voice of his dead wife appears on his answering machine, an ominous funeral announcement is delivered, he is being pursued. Is Ellen alive, or is someone trying to drive him insane?

Step by step, the chilling truth comes to light through a series of flashbacks. We see the jealousy, the estrangement, and finally the affair, which makes his wife's terminal illness a blessing: a little patience, and he will not have to confess his cheating. We see a man who conceals hopeful news from the hospital, and then simply suggests joint suicide, and then does not go through with it himself. We see someone who is too afraid to look his wife in the eyes, and is so consumed by fear, that ending her life becomes the most logical solution.

Morlang's finale brings us back full circle: Nothing has changed. New exhibition, new wife; He is on top of the world.

Cairo International Film Festival (October 2001)
- Best Actor
- Best First work of a director

Dutch Film Festival (September 2001)
- Golden Calf Nomination for Best Scenario