New Holland Pictures joins Iron Sky team

Nazis on moon project to shoot studio parts in Australia.

The Aussies have hopped aboard Iron Sky, the Finnish-German black comedy about Nazis on the moon. Australian outfit New Holland Pictures has joined the production. San Fu Maltha, who produced Black Book by, is also a shareholder in the company and acts as executive producer. The studio shoot of Iron Sky will be done in Australia, from where 20-25% of the film’s Euros 6.5m budget will be covered.

Blind Spot Pictures’ Tero Kaukomaa is producing with 27 Films Production’s Oliver Damian. They will now be joined by New Holland Pictures’ Cathy and Mark Overett.

The Iron Sky production team recently launched a “crowd investing” initiative through which fans are offered equity investment packages, ranging from Euros 1000 to 20,000+. These investments come with additional perks, such as a chance to have a private screener of the movie or meet members of the cast over a dinner.

These investments are on the same standing as the film makers’ investments, so they recoup money at the same rate. In the week since the scheme was launched, 75 people have expressed their interest in investing on Iron Sky. The producers says the total amount of their investment is approximately Euros 120,000, with the largest single investment being Euros 20,000.