In 1950, a custody battle over a 13-year-old Dutch girl, Bertha Hertogh turns into a violent clash between East and West. The court case and bloody riots that followed in Singapore shattered the lives of the little Jungle Girl, Bertha and all those around her. Twenty-five years later, old wounds are reopened as three of the survivors are reunited in a struggle to find the truth. 


>> Based on a true story.The Maria Hertogh riots or Nadra riots, began on 11 December 1950 in Singapore after a court decided that a child who had been raised by Muslims should be returned to her biological Catholic parents. A protest by outraged Muslims escalated into a riot when images were published showing 13-year-old Maria Hertogh kneeling before a statue of the Virgin Mary. Rioting in Singapore lasted till noon on 13 December 1950. In total 18 people were killed and 173 injured. Many properties were also damaged. Hertogh (also known as Nadra) had been in the care of Aminah binte Mohamed before being returned to her biological Dutch Catholic parents.