Oorlogswinter - Winter in Wartime

Oorlogswinter - Winter in Wartime

When Michiel (13) becomes involved in the Resistance in the last winter of the Second World War, he learns that good and evil are close together. Michiel grows up and loses his innocence.

The story is based on the beautiful novel by Jan Terlouw, that has been read by several generations of teenagers in the Netherlands. Even more than 50 years later, the story lets us feel the gruesome, but also adventurous aspect of growing up under the circumstances of war.

Koolhoven has decided to break with the traditional way of portraying the Second World War. In 'Winter in Wartime' we are going to be on the skin of the thirteen-year-old Michiel and are going to experience all the action and choices he has to make.

Academy Awards Short List 'Best Foreign Language Film' 2010
International Rome Film Festival 'Best Film'(12+ jury) 2009
Film by the Sea 'PZC Award' 2009
Rembrandt Award 'Best Dutch Actor' 2009
Rembrandt Award 'Best Dutch Actress' 2009
Rembrandt Award 'Best Dutch Feature Film' 2009
Dutch Film Festival 'Golden Film' 2008
Dutch Film Festival 'Double Platina' 2008
Winter in Wartime is based on the novel of Dutch writer Jan Terlouw.
Michiel op de fiets Michiel en zijn vader Johan van Beusekom Michiel en de Engelse soldaat Jack Michiel en oom Ben Michiel en Jack