Made in Korea: Een enkeltje Seoul-Amsterdam?

Made in Korea: Een enkeltje Seoul-Amsterdam?

Documentarymaker In-Soo Radstake arrived in Holland from Seoul, South Korea on March 27, 1980. He was adopted as a 3-month old baby by a Dutch couple.

Now, 26 years later, he is searching for his true identity. His search takes him along the eight other adopted persons who came with the same flight to Holland. He also visits the orphanage in Seoul where he once lived. He compares the questions and experiences of his adoption with those of his adoptees. Different stories come up in very personal conversations.

Radstake wonders if the information from his adoptionfile is really true. In 60% of the files it says that the child was abandoned and that the biological parents are unknown. But it occurs that there is other information in the adoptionfile in South-Korea. He will investigate if this is also the case with him.

Another important question he asks himself is weather he is Dutch or Korean. Radstake feels Dutch, but is that because he consciously or subconsciously adapted himself as a Dutchman? And did he suppress his Korean side that way?

While making this documentary he gets involved with a girl (Ungila) who arrived in Holland with the same flight as he did. She returned to South-Korea several times and has found her biological family with whom she is still in touch. Together they travel to South-Korea. It's the first time Radstake will go back there after his adoption. It will be an introduction with his native country and a reality check: is he the one he thinks he is and will he find information about his birth parents?

They also visit the biological mother of his girlfriend Ungila and she tells how she has experienced the adoption of her daughter.

Back in Holland In-Soo evaluates his experiences. He is doing that in conversations with his Dutch parents, girlfriend and his fellow adoptees. They compare experiences.

His personal search ends in a reunion of his arrival group. Exactly twenty-five years after arrival is the group of nine South-Korean adoptees reunited. But this time as adults.

EBS Int. Documentary festival 'Honorable Mention' 2007
International Film Festival Rotterdam 6th Jury price 2007
Hawaii Film Festival 'Honorable Mention' 2007
Broadcaster Korea: KBS

Festivals: Pusan

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